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Gah...! I can't draw with a pen anymore!! It come always so silly. TT
That's mean, that I will draw things howl with the pencil. If I draw with the pencil, looks allways so good, but when do after sketch and do with a pen the outline, it will allways become ugly! >< uh...

For my Desktop Yullen + Yullen Doujin "love struggle" in Prozess

I'm now working on my Desktop draw for me and It will be privatly. That mean, that I don't submit on DA. My draw looks so crapy. Urgh! By the way I'm also drawing on my fourth Doujin, but I'm not really motivate and I'm lazy person -__-'' Orz, I have so many thing, that I have to do.

Yullen Shouta Doujinshi plan

I tried to draw a Yullen Shouta, but... nah... It looks like not a Shouta xD
Yeah, you see Rabi in shock, because his dear bestfriend Kanda fell in love in a kid names Allen xDD

By the way, I have a plan to draw Doujin of Yullen Shouta. But first I have to finish my other Yullen Doujinshi "Love Struggle" and the Doujinshi will be in the DA.

Hello <3 & Info

I'm new here and I made this Blog for my lovely Art / Manga-Style Information xD
I will write here in Blog, what kind of draw is in prozess I'm on...
By the way, I'm a lazy Person and I'm in an Art / Graphic Design School. That mean, I will need time to submit drawings in Deviantart.