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visit from Grandparents and Dresden

Last week my Grandparent from Japan came first to switzerland to visit my parents and visit me in Leipzig (Germany). My Grandparents stayed allmost a week in Leipzig in a hotel and durig the week I meet them after work  and eat dinner with them. It was long time, that I eat so much food... I felt always so full after eating dinner. xD

Byside first thing what my Grandmother complained to me, when we meet was, "Can't you wear more girlyer? You look allmost like a boy!" LoL, duh... I have my reason and also didn't tell the real reason. Because I promised with my mother, that I don't tell them, that I'm lesbian.
I asked about how doing my cousins in Japan. my 17 years old cousin will gratulate his high school next year in spring and his younger sister, who is about 15 will also gratulate her junior high, but don't attend high school. Because she skipped allmost all junior high school year and never learned basic school teaching. The reason of skipping is she&…

Hibari Cellphone strab

I bought this today in a shop, but forgot the name of the shop |D
beside the shop is at the corner of my apartment LoL  Aww~ Hibari-Chan looks so cute~ <3 When I buy next Cellphone strab.. then I gonna buy Tsuna and but them together xD 1827 <3 It costed only 4.50€... ;A; cheaper than when you want buy in switzerland |D

That all! |D
PS: sorry for the low coullity of the photo... Phone photographie