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Durarara Novels!

Oh my, how long was that I postet a blog~ LoL I read some Chapter of Durarara in Manga and also watching the Anime. I like the charakter and the story.... I really want also read the original Novel. I hope someday it will publish in english or better in german. 8D  since I can't read japanese~ LoL By the way, I'm a person who read a book really rare expet Manga and it first time that I want read a Novel, thoud I allready read in Manga~  how unexept from me~ xD  aaaaaand my favorite charakter is Izaya Orihara~ <3<3<3 That's it, what I want tell or wanted to write~ LoL <3<3<3 See ya next time~ <3<3<3
EDIT! I'm trying to read japanese~ LoL I can read hiragana, bit kantagana and kaji I can't read at all xD About Kanji I  gonna ask my mother :D