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wasting my time?

It's been a while, that I blogged something about my lifetime 8D
I was and is still busy... |||Orz

Last week I was running around like idiot after work to go to Car garage, because I had still my summer tire on it and my winter tire is in switzerland. Beside I didn't know, that my parents pay for me the winter tire I changed really late, coz last week started to snow D: Once when I wanted drive to garage I got lost, so I tried next day and I found it. xD last thursday evening I could finally change the tire, yay :D... but I on friday I had to go there again, coz I forgot my carlicence at garage Orz. Seriously I wasted my gas for my stupidness D:

Lately I think, I'm wasting my time more at work than home D:... I dunno really why, but I'm more desperated to work on my own arts than working at work.
Somehow I endet up work more on graphic side than illustration at work. I'm may color at work somethimes, when the outline is done from Illustraition boss or f…

Versailles - Destiny -the lovers- FULL PV

2NE1 - Don't Stop The Music (Yamaha 'Fiore' CF Theme Song)