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Car with bandage

My car got during beening at Leipzig a big scratch. Since with nail polish I can't cover good, since it's hard to find the right color since my car is pink. So I desiceded to design a bandage with a teddy bear motiv and put it on. My mother really liked the idea. :P Here is few photographie of it. :3

ah~ my beloved car  <3

It's everything selfmade, also printing and other stuff. See ya next time, ciao~! (^_^)/シ

【きゃりーれんれん】PONPONPON Full version

I love this song~ it's cute and nice beat <3

Corn and Jacket

Ciao~ Girls and boys. Today my mother picked up corn from our small vegetable field. Our vegetable will never looks like, when you buy from shops, since our is real bio and they taste better when it's fresh. Anyway one corn looked so epic and at the same time cute, that I had to take photo. :3

three corns fresh from garden.

The epicest corn and at same time cute xD

Yesterday I went with my mother shopping in a mall for food and there was a sale for clouthes in cheap price. So I went check, if I find something that I like or not. I found a jacket (sucession from my mother).

Jacket in purple

skull inside of jacket~ <3

Me with jacket :D (since when became I so cute xD)

that all what I wanted write.... see ya next time. Ciao~ (^_^)/シ