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Little Project of subject Video

This sketch is a Character Design for my Video-Project from my Art/ Graphic Design School.
I have to make a 3 min. Video, but damn lot a work. At the first is brainstorming, then have to make a skrip in detail and also Storyboard in detail. After that have to film it and cute the film ect.

Orz, I have now the Skrip in detail finish and tomorrow I have to draw a Storyboard in 1 Day. -__-''
By the way, I make a Music Video...
I'm tired from the lot of work an thinking of the skript and searching a music to fit to my image.

Nah~ I will go soon sleeping. See ya!

Edit on 1.5.2009

Uhm... that person, who's acting that chara is me... The Video submit maybe in DA.

Drawing wihle school xD

Nyuu~ I draw this wihle Video-subject. By the way this is mirror inverterd, Orz -__-'' Damn, Webcam!><
I will at the home this draw coloraiting and submit in DA and also in Blog-Titel Pic :3
It was really embrassmend, because normaly I draw somthing like that, privatly.>///< But the Theorie of the subject was boring.
In the future I will draw more like that. Nyufufufu~ <3
*go back to lesson* >_>

Yullen: Love Struggle

Now Submit some pages of the newest Doujin Love struggle. But the doujin is still uncompleted.
Nah, enjoy to read, if the pages are crapy xD

The Link my Gallry is:

Ps.: DGM take a brake again. *sob* Q__Q I wanna read a new capter. now is so intressting...