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I enter a Manga-ka of MangaMagie Contest in German!

As the titel says, I will enter a Manga-Ka contest of MangaMagie in German. So thats mean, that I don't submit Draw in DA, coz I have to plan everthing ect. and I have also Art/Grapic Design School. But I the last draw I will submit is Kanda Yu's B-Day. All other thing will submit after I finish the Manga and send to german.

So wish me luck! >O<

School project Video: Tengoku to Jigoku

A one person wake up, who lives in different world of her mind, at the constrution. Then she went to a abdoned place and walked around antil she arrived at one place.

It was a school project
Script: Me
Actress: Me
Kamera: classmate/friend
cut: Me
song: Saku from Dir en Grey
gerne: Music video (somehow xD)

video on youtube: [link]

I made this video for school project and somehow I can't submit on DA so put in youtube. If you are intresst, please look it in

Orz~ I can't sleep -___-''

Allen: Mou~ Yu-Anata, you shouldn't drink alcohol. It's unhealthy!
Kanda: Cute ❤
Allen: Good, that he fell a sleep... I don't want have **** with him, when he had alcohol...
Danm, always when I had a shower, I can't sleep any more because I'm full awake again -__-''
So draw this pic, so would be sleepe again... and it worked...
Uhm... sorry for this crapiness and bad qualitait... nah~ I will later that pic bit prozess with photoshop and submit in DA.
Now I should realy go to sleep. It's now 1:08 in the morning and I have to make up on 6:00...
See ya!