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Art is really love~!

Nyuuuuuuuuuu~!  <3 \(^w^)/ I really love art and I can't live without Art~  <3 Art become a part of my live~! I also love to draw something and I can't stopp anymore. If I have something in my mind I draw on paper, or on digital, sketch ect. I also enjoy to collect Arts from other awesome Artists~ <3
What I only can say is: ART IS LOVE!!!!
okay, my mind on crazy again and have to post it... I hope, I will post next time something more intressting stuff...
See ya next time! Bye Bye~ <3 \(°w°)

D - Mad Tea Party

This song also nice and I love the beat...
I like the lyric to... but It's sad, that the song don't have a PV... It would suit better than "Yami no Kuni no Alice" D:
anyway I like then part of lyric, which they say: "a laughing cat don't exist" :D

Scary scratch

Last night, when I was went bed I hear strange scratching between wall. Thoud I know... the mouse is scratching on the wall but the sound was really scary D: and if closed my eyes.. I saw a scary silly spider as vision!!! Kyaaaaaah! I was really happy, when the scratching sound stopped  and I could sleep, a nice sleep ~ *sigh*

between februar and march 2010

....... O________O in one.... one... one month that big change!!! \(°∆°)/ WAO!
btw... my OC's hairstyle changed xD it suppost be the same person.

Art (c) Me
Original Charakter (c) Me


I love they conversion... it so funny xDDDDD

Dialogue Translation
Mucchi: Shall we start, Kogeinu?
Koge: Huh?
Mucchi: Because you're too cute...
Koge: Really? Hurray!
Mucchi: Enjoy it while you can. I won't be held responsible when you're crying later.
Koge: Seriously? That sounds like too much fun. Then let's start, immediately!
Mucchi: That's the spirit. Start the music!

Koge: Ah! The music started... this is bad. What should I do? This is somehow exciting... in any case, what should I do?
Mucchi: Don't get so ahead of yourself. For now, why don't you try singing?
Koge: Oh, sing? I got it, I'll try.

Mucchi: How... do you like this?
Koge: Haha, I hope this isn't all that you've got!
Mucchi: What?!

Mucch: What about this?! Try saying something now.
Koge: Boring.
Mucchi: ... Eh?
Koge: I said it was boring! Is this all that you've got?
Mucchi: Impossible! There's no way...!
Koge: Now it's my turn...!

Koge: Hahaha! You picked the wrong person to be the …

nature ART

I found this articel today moring in 20 min. free newspaper. I thoud awesome, really awesome *______* The car parked near front of the sea and it was at that time heave storm... so the wave overflow the car and iced the car in thick Ice... poor Car-owner can't use the car for awhile, because even hot water can't melt the ice xD I really love the nature... they make allways suprise things~ <3 btw that happend in Geneve (Switzerland)

Days are to short!!! \(>∆<)/

why~ ?! why have the day only 24h?!!!  I need more hours, they are defenetly to short \(°∆°)/
Because I want draw six Illustraion and one Comic strip until 16th march 2010 for Universal Music. They are searching Comic Illustraitor and the dead line is tight! OTZ found the information today at school...or better to say, my friend told me about that.
BUT! I will make on time with my dying will!!!! \(ò∆ô)/

Count Manga that I own

I count my Mangas xDD the list german version:
-Daisuki -D.Gray Man 1-18 -Legend 1-8 - Loveless 1-4 -Gakuen Heaven - Bakuman 1-2  -In the End - Grims Manga 1-2 -Hell Girl 1-2 (Jigoku Shoujo) - Princess Princess 1-2 -Recast 1 - Stupit Story 1-2 -Kenshin 1-4 - Yu-Gi-Oh 1-6 -Inu Yasha 1- 46 -Manga Preview -Manga-Mixx 1-3 -Dragon Girl 1 -Maison Ikkoku 1 - Yellow 1 - Ermittlung in Sachen (investigation on things)
- Electric Hands
- Only the Ring Finger knows
-verliebt in Osaka (fell in love in Osaka)
-Love Contract
- Schmetterling (butterfly)
-Skizzen der Liebe (Love of Sketch)
-Peacemaker 1-3

Japanese Manga version list:

-Naruto Shounen Jump - How to Draw Manga
-Death Note 1
-D.Gray Man Doujinshi
-Slam Drunk 29-31
-Naruto 35 & 37
-Detective Conan Movie Book
-Kyou Kara Maou 1-3
- Yu Yu Hakushu 3 & 17-18
-Dragon Ball 1, 5, 6, 14, 17-21, 23, 25-26, 28, 30, 34 & 37
-Ruroni Kenshin 11-17
- Anne Frank Dairy
-Manga Titel that I don't know 22 books

Total: 183 Manga I owned

Work, work and work.....

Ah... at moment I have many things to do~ or want to do~

1. searching Intership as illustaitor for 40 weeks around Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

2. drawing few page comic about a baseball story for a Sportorganition in Switzerland (monthly)(still not signed the contract).

3. outilne and colorait Demon of the Hell [link]

4. Illustration Series "Clown and his Master" [link] <--- at moment not motiveted to contenui to draw

5. busy with Art school
6. Draw for comming 10'000 Kiriban <--- still far away xD (DeviantART)

Durarara epi 9

Today I watched episode 9 of Durarara and it was really awesome... especialy Izaya-Kun~ <3 Because he's so awesome and his voice is also sooo cool *O*
I liked when he said: "Hito LOVE! (I love human)"  He's talking way is also funny way... example like "Sushi Love" xDD Hewashima Shizuo is also awesome... when he got stabet with a rolepen, he didn't feel the pain xD so strong boy~ <3
I thinks it's everthing that the epi part touched me *w*

an old wound can't easly heal

Hello boys~  and girls~ <3, I'm gonna tell you a little story....
The story is about a girl, who was loud and clear talker befor the doctor made a medical mistake. I know you would ask: " a medical mistake?" That girl was around 3 years old, when she had a health problem or better to say intestine problem, so that she need an emergency operation. The operation went allright and the doctor let her 2 weeks artificial coma. 2 weeks later, when she woke up, she couldn't move her body any more and also she couldn't talk, either. But she tryed to say something and it came only a murble. Her mother heard, that she tryed say something, but she couldn't understand her, so she asked her: "What did you say?" At this moment, the little girl noticed, that something wrong with her and thince then, she didn't talk anymore, coz of shock and lost her self-confident. Doctor said, they didn't find the reason, thoud it was easy to find the reason, that the girl …