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Vblog test with Nikon D5100

I only wanted test with the reflex camera Nikon D5100, how the qualitat is with video taking.
It's only my random talking about my collection of stuffed animals.

None human are really sane

Recently many people posted/spaming on facebook picture of dead or heavy injured animals and humans. I dunno where it really comes from it. But one I can say it's annyoning. It's not like I can't watch it or something like that. But I really don't need such stuff full of it on headline.

Once my friend showed my such kind of photo in black and white. I looked those picture completly neutral and emotionless. It's not that I'm completly heartless about those picture. Of course I feel somethimes disgusting in my mind, but I don't show on my face. When my friend noticed, that I don't show anykind of disgust, like normal innocent and naiv girls would react. She was kind bit shocked or better say unexpted. Many people mistake me as such person, who can't look disgust things ect.
Don't juge people from cover! I look from outside naiv and innocent girl, but my soul is tained in many way. Aside my mother rised me that way and since I was child, I was diff…

new hair cut again and Hetalia

I cut my hair two days ago. one side is short and other side is bit long. I also have backside still long, which you can't see really clearly. This time you can also see my reflex camera Nikon D5100. (^w^) My mothers comment on my hair style was only "did you cut your hair strangely again?". xD

Here is a video music of Hetalia "Hatefutte Parade" I love this song and it's cute. The charakter Italy is to cute. I sugesst to try to watch Hetalia, because it's really funny, even thought the episode is only 5 min short. Hetalia has two series. The one is "Hetalia axis power" and the other is "Hetalia world series". They also have one movie "Hetalia Paint it white" The storys is about countrys history in parodie.

Japanese lyrics:

Migi te ni wa shiro hata! Hidari te ni wa PASTA~!
Hata futte- Hata futte- Hata futte PAREDO!
Miwaku no sekai e ANDIAMO!

Te wo totte wa ni natte mawaru yo chikyuu go
Kirakira nagagutsu de zekkouchou!

I'm back from my chaos life

It's been a while that I'm writing something about me. Not that someone would missed me, hahaha.

Anyway the reason that I didn't upload constandly, because I had bit privat matter and pressur from my family. Mostly it's cleared now. 
 First of all my mother was pushing me find a job until end of this year and if I can't. I get kicked out of my appartment. At least I have now a part time job for once or twice a week. It's not much about salery, but better than nothing. I'm searching a fulltime job as Graphic designer, but unfornetly all apply that I send, got turned down. Otherside I'm also searching for other work, that I could do. example: Barmaid, Callagent ect. Exept constraction work or something like that, because I'm to frail.
I noticed that I didn't write what kind of partime job I'm doing. My partimejob is advertimsmet catalog delivering in my town.

The other thing was, that my ex-girlfriend broke up with me beginn of september…