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Leipziger Kino-Treff: Summer Wars (Anime)

Today evening I went with my two friends Kanrei and Peti_t_angle to the cinema as Animexx-meeting. Official it should be 5 people ink. me, but somehow two didn't come. Be side I watched the Summer Wars allreday on Youtube, coz my friend from Malaysia suggested it. But watching with friends it bit diffrent again. :)

The movie was in japanese dub with german sub. The Cinema is really small and not many people where there. Few Japanese people and use where there. :P

Know about the movie:

I like the movie, the charakters and the network world OZ. OZ wolrd is sooo colorfull and I like colorfull stuff depens on my mood.
It fascinated me, when the big Familiy of the highschool girl tryed to fight against the monster from OZ Wolrd, who messed up worldwide and also supported the boy, who solved the math-genie hacking code.
I was also touched, when the worldwide poeple supported the avatar girl to defet the monster. At the end the could safe the world really tight. :)

Photo of Leipzig

Yesterday I went finally taking photo from the city Leipzig.

Front of Opera is always something event up.

MDR Radio and TV station I guess of Sachsen/Leipzig

Church St.Nikolas

Leipzig Main Train Station

St. Thomas church

03-09/10 Improved Art

Click on the pic to view bigger!

2003-2005 no Art because I'm not at homecountry until mai 2011.

I guess I started to draw comic ect, when I was in 5th/6th grade about age of 12-13. That time I draw mostly animals relate... Drawing was always my part of my live, even if I was at the beginn not serious. When I started to attend 1 year of my junior high / middle class school (how to call school if you don't have high school in you country?) I started to draw Manga charakter... my first Idol was Takahashi Rumiko, the Artist of "Inu Yasha" and "Ranma 1/2". Mostly I drawed with pencil and color pencil. When I started to draw OC's, when I think back... looks so aweful, many diffrent of Charakter... one of my oldest Art has my friend, who live now in Portugal. 
Around 2005 and 2006 I started coloring on Pc with Paint Shop (was cheapest Art program, but not good as Photoshop). I also drawed differen kind of comic and mostly drawed girls... LoL 2006 in the end secon…

live in Germany :D

I live now allmost more a less a month in Leipzig (Germany) and yet I didn't blogged about my new live. I was really busy with my Internship work and didn't really time. °A°
Now it calmed down more a less and I enjoy to live in Germany and my Internship.
I live in a mate-apartment with other 3-4 peoples and they are all nice. Those people are also student in university. 2 guys and 2 women... now only 1 woman inlc. me. Because other one moved today out.
A boy asked me, if I don't want cook somethimes dinner with him and I agreed, thought I can't cook at all. xD When we cooked last wednesday dinner. Mostly I cooked and he, watched me and backed bread. LoL Because the Food I cooked was my Idea. At least he bought some stuff, that we needed. Our dinner was glassnouddle with cucumber and chilisauce + bread. At least he liked the food. :3
One thing I hate at this apartment is the fucking washing maschine, that I really want beat it up! Really, always when I wasched my clouth…

Gokudera and Hibari in awesome Art

This Artist is really awesome *O* I like how he/she color this pic~ and Gokudera (from KHR) looks also awesome. She/He also draw Hibari version, but it' had only part one of two....The Part two wasn't aviable. *sob* ;A; I really wanted see how it will end in Hibair version. Oh well >____>

lives more in own world

I wonder when I started creat my own unexistend world. I don't really remember anymore. But I noticed, that I gonna lose more and more the realty world. Event thought I have to come back to the real world and yet I want stay more in my own world, because I love my world than the real world. Some people complaine, that they never know what goes in my brain, because I hardly talk. Talking is not my ability and when I was small kid, I lost once my voice or better to say the muscle to walk and talk. When I tryed to talk first time after woke up from fake coma. I couldn't say a word and since then I didn't want talk anymore for a while. From time to time I started to talk slowly again and if people didn't understand me and asked me "sorry, what did you say?", then I didn't reaped it again and beeing quiet again.
Even know I have still problem with talking, but I'm trying. Some language is easy to talk for me some feels my troat hurt.

Awesome art and clip :D

This Art is to awesome~!!! *O*b So deatail~ <3 I love it. The song fits, too. especialy the first song. I want to know what the song name is. *w* Does somebody know??? :D

Hetalia~ <3 The AMV is so awesome made and also the art... is lovely <3 I also love the song :D