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Situation in Japan (English and German)

Hello Guys and Girls~ <3
How are ya? I'm very fine and I had one presentation of two, today. The second will be on 28th of june. D: Anyway it's not the main point what I want write today.

After what happen in Japan with earthquike, tsunami and Fukushima. My Mama talk about the situation about curently state in Japan allmost ever day to me. It's not that my Mama lives in Japan right know, she live in Switzerland with me and my father for 20 years. She get all information about the situation in Japan from Japanese news and Internet TV from Internet.

First of all I can tell that the situtation is day per day going worse in Japan. Because since the Fukushima Nueclear plant explode, the radioactive goes each day, since they can fix anymore. Which means that the radioactive is almost all Japan spread. Many people area of Fukushima and farther lives in radioactive places. Because neither japanese newspaper and gouvement TV mention about the situation of Fukushima and radioacti…

new hair cut again~ :D

Hello dears,
yesterday I mentioned, that I cut my hair and today I post two foto. One is tied up in pony and the other one without. :3 Mostly I cutted my hair on the side short.

with tied hair on backside.

untied hair :3

Anyway that's all I wanted write for today, since I nothing special in my mind, I guess. haha~ See ya next time Ciao, ciao~! (^w^)/シ

Unsocial person?

Hello hello~ <3
It's been allmost a week of my last post, ne?  (^_^)
I more a less recoverd from my strange sickness. At least I don't have anymore fiever, but feels still at evening really tiered and no power. Thought I want still work after school, when I got home. But unfornetly I have at the moment no power to do. Orz

This evening I cutted my hair. While I cut my hair there was a creepy ant, who was creeping around. I really hate bungs. (>_<)

Now I will go to the main point of this post.
Long time ago I always wonder, where I got the habit to stick in my room or house and never go out. Now I found out and it comes from my mother side, since she also like to stick around in house than go outside exept for horses. Anyway I'm from beginn not really social person, since I have always troble to make a new friend and I'm really shy. It's not like I don't hang around with friend or something. I do it somethimes, but it's mostly rare. Aside I also disl…

feel and taste and dying

Ciaossu~ girls and guys~ <3
I hope you guys are all fine and well. You ask, how I am? I got slight fever on damn two days holiday + weekend! D: Well I was last friday running around about few stuff, doing work for diplom last weekend, too. Aside three girls from my class was lound and playing like a small kid, so I couldn't really concentrait on my work eventhought I listen to music, I could hear them. They also threw a paper ball and that papar ball was hard and accently hit on my back. Then I got really annyoned and told to them, to stop it. But they didn't really listen and did something else, but they were still noisy. After that I could bare it anymore and when out to other friends, who went out for a smoking a cigarret. I get fresh air, but I couldn't calm down and wanted something break to release my agressive/stress. At least I was happy, that they went home around 2:30pm. Normaly school finish at 5:00pm, but since we doing only diplom and there is no teacher ar…