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JDrama at Tee :3

On Saturday I went to Tees place :3
We watched JDrama (Japanese Drame) with eng sub. The titel is "Bloody Monday"

The Serie is really awesome and thrilling (?) criminal Drama. The Drama is about a terrorist, which try to attacke Tokyo with a virus, which can kill more than a million human and a high school boy, who is master in hacking computer is trying save the city.
The actors are really awesome and the main charakter is handsome. *point at the pic* (he looks really like a girl on the side xD)
We really advisalbe the Drama :3
btw I only watched first epi at the moment and my friend watch until epi 5. xD

We also watched the serie first episode. But we didn't really liked, because the story was bit to confusing except there was some part funny :3
The titel is "Hidarime Tantei Eye".

I watches this Drama yesterday without sub, because there is no sub. I and Tee wanted watch on saturday, but when there no sub, Tee wouldn't understand japanese D: So we didn…


It's now my mood.... for my schoolproject grafic.. I have to design something about "kilowatt hour" and I'm really bad about mathe and physic.. so I don't really get about those stuff and is really down Orz.
Btw I draw and color this in 10 min....

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

This is anime is really awesome and the all voice actor of Shinsengumi is so sexy~ *____*
Even though the story is still part of the real time of Shinsengumi time Bakumatsu-time. But the main Charakter is girl, who search her father and she crossdressed as boy. But endet up in end in Shinsengumi Soldiars and they help to find her father, too. The charakter of Shinsengumi is also real time person... though about outlook is not really sure.
But I still only watched until episode 10 and I dunno how many episode they have, but I guess only 24 episode, coz most anime as 24 episode aslong they are not popular.
Anyway it's advisable! :D

lovely dinner :3

This cake made by a schoolfriend and tasted really good :D

I went yesterday to a friend house to eat mexican dinner, who invite me and two other schoolfriend from school, her girlfriend and a friend.  The mexican food was ready good taste. *_____* Thanks for dinner again~ <3 and also thanks for good cake for the other friend~ :3 We also talked many funny things xD The evening was really awesome and funny~ :3 I got home at 1:30 am and woke up next time at 12:00 pm xD gosh, I was really tired~ lol
Anyway thanks again for lovely food and thanks to a friend for sharing the photo~ :3


While I traveled to school, I had a word in my mind. A Italian word: "Buonasera". I thought only, I know the word some where, but I didn't remember anymore. I also didn't know what the word "Buonasera" mean. So I checked during lunch break in internet at the italian and german translation.

Buonasera means "good evening".

I guess that the Italian word come back in my head, because I learned once Italian at school from elementry school 1 - 4 class. Mostly I don't remember anymore.

Rebocon 3

it's part 4 from Rebocon which Neeko (Reborn) sing and also Kokubon Yukari (Tsunayoshi)sing.

This two video is clips from Rebocon 3, 2010. In this clips is the main person Byakuran and Irie Shoichi from KHR. For people who don't understand japanese, there is at the moment no subs~. Sorry. At least I would introuce you guys, who understand good japanese to watch the concert Rebocon from 1 to 3... :D It's really funny~ <3

This two video is Charakter song from KHR Byakuran and Irie Shoichi... if you are intresst to listen, what kind of song they sang at the Rebocon 3 ;)