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correcting about LBM

As you read my titel, I gonna correct what I said about LBM. That I didn't had fun or something like that. The most reason, that I couldn't enjoy was my Girlfriend and her sister attitude. They draged me to crowed booth places, where you couldn't allmost reach and I accept it. But when I wanted go to the Doujinshi-Market, there was also crowed and narrow. They complained, that they don't want go, I only thought "WTF?!". After lunch I wrote sms to my friend Lu, where she is in LBM places and we went there. At that moment was Cosplay show and I knew that Lu wanted watch the show, so I wanted wait, until the show finished. While the show was going, my friends asked me, when she will show up and I said them, that she want to see finish the show. They gave me unpleasend replay and they also said to me, that they want go to other booth, while I was waiting for my other friend. I told them, that they can go alone, but they reject it, coz they are afraid, that they w…

LBM Convetion 19.3.2011 -Saturday-

I went today with my girlfriend and her sister on LBM Convetion. My other friend Lu and her boyfriend came after, coz they had to need longer to finish to style. So we went first. Traveling to LBM was allready troublesom, coz it was so full in it. I had after the ride backpain and I filled like a granma. Orz
 When we enter the Convention place, there was allready crowed and many cosplayer was around. First we walked around the Convetion. There was many publishing company and other stuff. On Managa booth places was most crowed places than other places. We walked around from booth to booth more a less and I found to stuff that I bought. One is Hibird cuddle toy and the other one is an Artbook of KHR.  I also wanted go to Doujinshi booth, but the there was to crowed and narrow, so I didn't really enter. D:
There was many awesome cosplayer, but I didn't took photos. Coz I was to shy to ask, if I could take photo. Orz
After eating lunch we went again to the manga booth places and i…

Resived gift from Tee *___*

Today I resived a small gift from my good friend and school mate, Tee~. <3 She went end of January for 1 week to Singapur.  She asked me, if she should bring for me something from singapur and I answer, that she can, if she want. Few days later while she was in Singapur, she asked me, if she should bring for me asian brand dyeing hair color. Which is bit stronger than the europe brand. I was thinking for a while and I politly reject it with reason. So she said, she will look for something else for me. At end of her holiday she mentioned, what she bought for me. My first thought was, that the book Vongola bookmark will look like the other 0815 standard bookmark and Yamamoto sword keychain will be tiny. But when I resived and opend the packet, then my thought changed to "GOUGEOUS AND COOL" ;A; (with teary eyes xD). (at the end of phototour I will write my last comment).

the gift how I resived unpacket from packet. I painted price and barcode over. Tipp for who don't know…


For few people thinks grew up with multi-languages is cool and that's true. But somethimes can be really sucks. D:
I can say that, coz I had my own experience. My real nationality is Japanese and Swiss. Since my Mother is japanese and can only speek fluently japanese and english. So she teached me first japanese and english. My father teached me swiss german, since he is Swiss. So I learned three languages at time when I was little, but someday I started to mixed up those three languages in one sentence. My mother noticed that I got that bad habit and so she request my grandparents from Japan to take me to Japan. So I can learn own to notice, that I can only speak one person with only one languages and not mixed. After 3 to 4 month I came back to my parents with cleared language. I could speak fluently japanese, but I couldn't speak english anymore, neither swiss german. My father had to teach me swiss german again, since he can't speak japanese. Also I need swiss german, …

Ranting about school and few fun stuff :>

First thing is I want ranting about a my school! I got this afternoon from my friend Tee, who also go same school as me. She asked first when we have school again after Intership. I answerd on 16th Mai. After that she told me that the school principal told her, that the school start on 9th Mai. WTF?! The reason is, that we have 1 week to much intership. D: 1WEEK! damn, there is nothing to lose, if we work 1 week more or less. >__> Only what we lose it the time for work on our Diplom project. They will also send us letter about school start ect. on April. I only hope, it will be beginn of April. °____° Otherwise I'm seriously gonna on rampage. Coz my contracs goes until 6th Mai and come back from Germany to Switzerland in two days I won't manage...especialy not with car D:
I'm slow driver on germany Highway and I have also manage other stuff in Leipzig and Switzerland when I come back. Orz
I'm completly annyoned :<

I will finish with ranting and now I'm gon…