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Showing posts from November, 2009

drawing with mouse/pad of notebook on photoshop xD

I draw a picture only with mouse/pad of notebook on the photoshop and you will see the moreless how I worked only with mouse/pad of notebook...

the first is the sketch, how the pic should look about...

The skin coloration I already worked in the detail and the rest I gave a one color...

here you see, that I worked on the detail of the shirt...

The End products xD

I'm with the hair not really saticfide, coz it was the difficultest part to work in detail...
next time... I will take more time... ( I worked only a day)xD

My Car Fiat 500 :D

Today I finally could pic up my car
aaaand it's Fiat 500 in pink! =)

I was soo happy, that I can allmost die of Happyness xD
Anyway, I like to drive with new and the first car x3
I will maybe take some day a Foto of my car, then I will upload it :D