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Hey gusy, how have you been? I'm more a less fine.
btw  I gratulate from my school on 8th July and at the moment I'm searching work as illustrationist and at the same time holiday. On beginn of august I go to leipzig for clean up my room that I rent, while I was there and I also go on a "Gackt concert" on 7th August. *__*
After when I finished cleaning up everthing in Leipzig, I'm gonna contentiu searching that job, thought it's not easy, since most illustrationist are freelance. :/

My mother also scoled me this beginn of the week, what I do, when I don't find job and some other stuff. My mother also said to me, that my art sucks. D: Thanks mom.
Few days later my mother came up to my from for something, but I don't remember anymore what it  was. But when she saw my other art, which look more realistic, the conversation was like:

Mother: that pretty art

Me: yeah

Mother: When you draw people realistic way, it's looks good. But when you draw in Manga…