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Hello Kitty Cookies

How have you been?

Today I went with my mother to a grocery shopping and I found a "Hello Kitty" cookie can with baking indegrient, cookie from, deco eating paper. So I made it, since I hardly bake stuff. The cookie taste strawberry, but it smell more like a chewing gum or strabeery flavor toothpaste (which I really hate, it remind me of elementry school time. A special person come and teached us how to brush proper our mouth once a while).

Heute ging ich mit meiner Mutter Lebensmittel einkaufen und habe ein "Hello Kitty" Kekse Büchse mit Backzutaten, Steckform und Deko Esspapier gefunden. So habe ich gebacken, weil ich sonst nie wirklich was backe. Die Kekse schmecken nach Erdbeeren, aber es richt mehr nach Kaugummi oder nach Erdbeere geschmack Zahnpaste (welch ich wirklich hasse, da es mich an Grundschule errinert. Es kam manmal ein Person, dieser hat uns immer beigebracht wie man Zähneputzen sollte.)

Only failed to make a icing, because I added to much hot w…

Did you ever thought...?

„Did you ever thought how it would feel to kill you beloved person with your own hand?“

The sky was nice blue sky and sunny. It's allmost peacefull, but it is really peacefull as we think? Then in one of those house on this peacefull street is pretty mess and bloody. If you get closer to view, you will see three courps, two adults and a child. In the middle of this mess and between those courpes you can see a person about age of 16 stand with a kitchin knife in his hand. This person make a phone call, but we don't know to who, because that person say only, who picked the phone: „Say, did you ever thought how it would feel to kill you beloved person with your own hand?“

"Habt ihr jemals gedacht, wie es sich anfühlt einen geliebte Person mit deiner eigener Hand umzubringen?"
Der Himmer war sonnig und in wunder schöne blau umhüllt. Es ist sehr friedlich, aber ist es wirklich friedlich wie ihr es denkt? Denn in einer dieser Haus bei der friedliche Strassen ist komplett ver…

Comic Börse Winter 2011


As I told yesterday, that I gonna upload about "comic börse in Zürich" today. So around 11:14 I made up with a friend Tee to go on train from Zofingen to Zürich (She and I live near around). As typical of her, she really manage to come really tide on train. While traveling with train we talked about random stuff and I also showed her my new Digital camera. She also photographed me with it as trying. 

Wie ich gestern erwähnt habe, dass ich über den "Comic Börse in Zürich" heute schreiben werde. So gegen 11:14 habe ich mit meine Kollegin Tee abgemacht, damit wir zusammen auf den Zug gehen können nach Zürich (Sie und ich leben in der nähe der Gegend). Nun typisch von ihr, dass sie wie immer sehr knapp auf den Zug schafft. Whärend der Fahrt haben wir über verschiedenes Unterhalten und ich habe auch ihr mein neue Digital Kamera gezeigt. Sie hat mich auch fotographiert um aus zu testen.

 Me~ (photographed by Tee)

Tee (photographed by me)
At the comic börse I walked w…

Art Prozess of X-Mas


This time I write about my Artwork prozess of the X-Mas pic that I draw and I alos made a Speed art of it. :) Have fun to view.

In diesem Eintrag ist über Zeichnungs Prozess von Weihnachten Bild das ich gezeichnet habe und auch ein "Speed Art" erstellt habe. Habt Spass zu sehen. :)

Rough sketch



Main Color

Speed Art Part 1

Speed Art part 2  In this Video is no sound, coz Youtube block it. :/ In dieser Video hat keine Ton drin, weil Youtube blockiert hat. :/


During drawing I allmost went berserkt, coz it didn't come like I imaginated it and was bit frustraited. But at end I'm more a less satisfited. Eventhought the pic don't really looks like x-mas. But I like it. 
Während ich dieses Bild gezeichnet habe, ging ich fast auf Amok. Weil es nicht so raus gekommen ist wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe und war ein wenig frustriert. Aber mehr oder wenig bin ich zu frieden. Auch wenn dieses Bild nicht wirklich wie ein Weihnachts Bild aussieht. Dennoch gef…

Vblog test with Nikon D5100

I only wanted test with the reflex camera Nikon D5100, how the qualitat is with video taking.
It's only my random talking about my collection of stuffed animals.

None human are really sane

Recently many people posted/spaming on facebook picture of dead or heavy injured animals and humans. I dunno where it really comes from it. But one I can say it's annyoning. It's not like I can't watch it or something like that. But I really don't need such stuff full of it on headline.

Once my friend showed my such kind of photo in black and white. I looked those picture completly neutral and emotionless. It's not that I'm completly heartless about those picture. Of course I feel somethimes disgusting in my mind, but I don't show on my face. When my friend noticed, that I don't show anykind of disgust, like normal innocent and naiv girls would react. She was kind bit shocked or better say unexpted. Many people mistake me as such person, who can't look disgust things ect.
Don't juge people from cover! I look from outside naiv and innocent girl, but my soul is tained in many way. Aside my mother rised me that way and since I was child, I was diff…

new hair cut again and Hetalia

I cut my hair two days ago. one side is short and other side is bit long. I also have backside still long, which you can't see really clearly. This time you can also see my reflex camera Nikon D5100. (^w^) My mothers comment on my hair style was only "did you cut your hair strangely again?". xD

Here is a video music of Hetalia "Hatefutte Parade" I love this song and it's cute. The charakter Italy is to cute. I sugesst to try to watch Hetalia, because it's really funny, even thought the episode is only 5 min short. Hetalia has two series. The one is "Hetalia axis power" and the other is "Hetalia world series". They also have one movie "Hetalia Paint it white" The storys is about countrys history in parodie.

Japanese lyrics:

Migi te ni wa shiro hata! Hidari te ni wa PASTA~!
Hata futte- Hata futte- Hata futte PAREDO!
Miwaku no sekai e ANDIAMO!

Te wo totte wa ni natte mawaru yo chikyuu go
Kirakira nagagutsu de zekkouchou!

I'm back from my chaos life

It's been a while that I'm writing something about me. Not that someone would missed me, hahaha.

Anyway the reason that I didn't upload constandly, because I had bit privat matter and pressur from my family. Mostly it's cleared now. 
 First of all my mother was pushing me find a job until end of this year and if I can't. I get kicked out of my appartment. At least I have now a part time job for once or twice a week. It's not much about salery, but better than nothing. I'm searching a fulltime job as Graphic designer, but unfornetly all apply that I send, got turned down. Otherside I'm also searching for other work, that I could do. example: Barmaid, Callagent ect. Exept constraction work or something like that, because I'm to frail.
I noticed that I didn't write what kind of partime job I'm doing. My partimejob is advertimsmet catalog delivering in my town.

The other thing was, that my ex-girlfriend broke up with me beginn of september…

Dead Mouse

When I went downstare for dinner I found a big mouse front of the house dead. At the beginn I wonder, if it's really dead or not. But if would be still alive, then the mouse would be allready run away. I also had to restain not to poke with my finger on it. LoL
It's rare to see mouse dead like that. normaly I saw them laying side, when there are dead. But I'm not sure. I thought also cute. LoL

Car with bandage

My car got during beening at Leipzig a big scratch. Since with nail polish I can't cover good, since it's hard to find the right color since my car is pink. So I desiceded to design a bandage with a teddy bear motiv and put it on. My mother really liked the idea. :P Here is few photographie of it. :3

ah~ my beloved car  <3

It's everything selfmade, also printing and other stuff. See ya next time, ciao~! (^_^)/シ

【きゃりーれんれん】PONPONPON Full version

I love this song~ it's cute and nice beat <3

Corn and Jacket

Ciao~ Girls and boys. Today my mother picked up corn from our small vegetable field. Our vegetable will never looks like, when you buy from shops, since our is real bio and they taste better when it's fresh. Anyway one corn looked so epic and at the same time cute, that I had to take photo. :3

three corns fresh from garden.

The epicest corn and at same time cute xD

Yesterday I went with my mother shopping in a mall for food and there was a sale for clouthes in cheap price. So I went check, if I find something that I like or not. I found a jacket (sucession from my mother).

Jacket in purple

skull inside of jacket~ <3

Me with jacket :D (since when became I so cute xD)

that all what I wanted write.... see ya next time. Ciao~ (^_^)/シ


his voice is so erotic~ <3

GACKT Concert Yellow fried Chickenz 2011

how have you been? I'm fine and was busy from 5th August until 10th August. I had do some arragment in Leipzig (Germany). But now is everthing finished and beside it's not the main point, that I want write.

During staying in Leipzig I also went to "GACKT Concert Yellow fried chickenz". At the beginn, when I heard that GACKT is coming to Europe Tour again. I was unsure if I should go or not. The one side is I wanted see him live on stage. The other side is that I dislike to crowed and loud places. But my dear friend Tee conviced me to go. (^_^)
So asked my mother first if I can go and my mother said at the beginn "No". The reason was depens when I have to search work, but at the end she changed her mind and told me to ask my father. So I asked my father and he said "Okay".

So on 7th august I went on GACKT concert. While I was waiting to get enter to the concert, a girl offered me her selfmade cookies and it tasted really good. I also made fri…


Hey gusy, how have you been? I'm more a less fine.
btw  I gratulate from my school on 8th July and at the moment I'm searching work as illustrationist and at the same time holiday. On beginn of august I go to leipzig for clean up my room that I rent, while I was there and I also go on a "Gackt concert" on 7th August. *__*
After when I finished cleaning up everthing in Leipzig, I'm gonna contentiu searching that job, thought it's not easy, since most illustrationist are freelance. :/

My mother also scoled me this beginn of the week, what I do, when I don't find job and some other stuff. My mother also said to me, that my art sucks. D: Thanks mom.
Few days later my mother came up to my from for something, but I don't remember anymore what it  was. But when she saw my other art, which look more realistic, the conversation was like:

Mother: that pretty art

Me: yeah

Mother: When you draw people realistic way, it's looks good. But when you draw in Manga…

Situation in Japan (English and German)

Hello Guys and Girls~ <3
How are ya? I'm very fine and I had one presentation of two, today. The second will be on 28th of june. D: Anyway it's not the main point what I want write today.

After what happen in Japan with earthquike, tsunami and Fukushima. My Mama talk about the situation about curently state in Japan allmost ever day to me. It's not that my Mama lives in Japan right know, she live in Switzerland with me and my father for 20 years. She get all information about the situation in Japan from Japanese news and Internet TV from Internet.

First of all I can tell that the situtation is day per day going worse in Japan. Because since the Fukushima Nueclear plant explode, the radioactive goes each day, since they can fix anymore. Which means that the radioactive is almost all Japan spread. Many people area of Fukushima and farther lives in radioactive places. Because neither japanese newspaper and gouvement TV mention about the situation of Fukushima and radioacti…

new hair cut again~ :D

Hello dears,
yesterday I mentioned, that I cut my hair and today I post two foto. One is tied up in pony and the other one without. :3 Mostly I cutted my hair on the side short.

with tied hair on backside.

untied hair :3

Anyway that's all I wanted write for today, since I nothing special in my mind, I guess. haha~ See ya next time Ciao, ciao~! (^w^)/シ

Unsocial person?

Hello hello~ <3
It's been allmost a week of my last post, ne?  (^_^)
I more a less recoverd from my strange sickness. At least I don't have anymore fiever, but feels still at evening really tiered and no power. Thought I want still work after school, when I got home. But unfornetly I have at the moment no power to do. Orz

This evening I cutted my hair. While I cut my hair there was a creepy ant, who was creeping around. I really hate bungs. (>_<)

Now I will go to the main point of this post.
Long time ago I always wonder, where I got the habit to stick in my room or house and never go out. Now I found out and it comes from my mother side, since she also like to stick around in house than go outside exept for horses. Anyway I'm from beginn not really social person, since I have always troble to make a new friend and I'm really shy. It's not like I don't hang around with friend or something. I do it somethimes, but it's mostly rare. Aside I also disl…

feel and taste and dying

Ciaossu~ girls and guys~ <3
I hope you guys are all fine and well. You ask, how I am? I got slight fever on damn two days holiday + weekend! D: Well I was last friday running around about few stuff, doing work for diplom last weekend, too. Aside three girls from my class was lound and playing like a small kid, so I couldn't really concentrait on my work eventhought I listen to music, I could hear them. They also threw a paper ball and that papar ball was hard and accently hit on my back. Then I got really annyoned and told to them, to stop it. But they didn't really listen and did something else, but they were still noisy. After that I could bare it anymore and when out to other friends, who went out for a smoking a cigarret. I get fresh air, but I couldn't calm down and wanted something break to release my agressive/stress. At least I was happy, that they went home around 2:30pm. Normaly school finish at 5:00pm, but since we doing only diplom and there is no teacher ar…


Today I read a free newspaper and there were an article, about that advertising industry told to a model, thats she is to fat, thought she has a good body proportion. I somethimes wonder why they want have model who is so skinny almost only bone and no meat in body. If peole looks so skinny like fashion models, then it's not pretty for me anymore.
If people has sickness and became really skinny, then I pity them. But when someone get forced to lose more weight than it's necessery, then I'm really against. Seriously it's not natural anymore and on photo wont look beautifull, because a Photo can say 1000 words or more.

Strict Artist

Somethimes when I want compliment someone, often happend that been a rude comment for view of other person.

Once my friend asked me about what I think about her art (she was also same artschool with me). I told her directly and thruh comment/critic. I dunno really anymore, what I told her. But she said after that, I will be someday beaten up, if I countenui to tell to direct to someone. I only anwser: "Oh, is that so?".

Whenever I think about it now, my friend is to naiv. If she dislike my harsh critic or comment, then she has to improve in her art and impress me that much, that I can't discrib it in words anymore. I know it's sound that she's not good in art. but unfornetly it's true from my view.

If people ask me, how and why I can draw that good. Then I anwser: "Selfstudie, practicing, drawing as much as possible and you have to have also talent".  Few people says too, that "it makes me depress when I see you draw." I never comment abou…

Art and Fangirling

Two sketchbook -top is diplom sketchbook and bottom is privat sketchbook

death series artwork

I went on Saturday with Tee to Bösner (it's a big art shop). I bought two sketchbook, a small notebook, a map and two brush pen. One sketchbook is for diplom work at school and the other one is for my privat artwork, mostly I will fill with death series. The Diplom work theme is "Vessel" and the theme is really open. :D
The other thing I wanted write is, that currently addict to listen to songs from Gackt. Ah~... somehow I don't have really intrest to listen to other songs from other singer xD: Mostly I liste to a song, who has good voice and good lyric~ <3 That why it's hard to find nowdays a really good song and singer with nice voice. (recently big Gackt-Fan x3)
That all what I wanted write :,D  See ya next time~ <3

Human body is only a shell for souls

Say did you ever thought for what human body is? Did you ever thought our body is only a vessel or a shell for the souls? I do. Otherwise I wont write it.
I think you wonder, why I think about such things. The one reason is that my school diplom theme is "vessel or shell", whenever you say it. The other thing is that my own privat Illustration Project is "Death Series".
I go now to the main theme. For me is the body only a vessel for the souls. Because when we die, is only the body which wont work anymore, but the soul will exist forever. The soul can wander around without body, but it can't touch things like human body can. Beside Souls can always get a new vessel, like born in animal or rebirth in human again. None vessel or shell can live long and is easly to break. Human body can also break in many way. Since Human body is only a vessel for soul and yet you can feel, see and hear your existen. But that only for human lifespann. If you ever rebirth, then yo…

Shopping with my friend

Today I went with my friend Anika shopping. She wante buy a jacke during spring, but she didn't find a jacked that she like, so she only bought socks for her boyfriend. But we had still fun~ <3
I bought few stuff... present for mom, a present for my friend Tee's B-Day, a trouser, a ring, a neckless, a hat, a wristband, few files. I didn't take any photo of Tee's B-Day present, since she also read my blog and I want suprise her with that gift. :D
I and Anika went also in gothic shops to look bit around. We ate icecream and drank a frabuchino (?) in Starbucks. After three o'clock she went home and I also walked home. It was fun day.

first trourser in my life that fit in my size :D

the ziper ring is new, the other one I had allmost 1 year.

wristband <3

wristband from otherside view

Mama's present :D

neckless~ <3

closeup part 1

closeup part 2

big filler file for bunch paper to bring back home :,D

left is file for intership dokumentry and rights is file for my death …