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Back from Hospital


How have you been? I'm more a less fine, I guess.

As the titel say I was for 2 1/2 week in Hospital. 

On 10th June I had awfull stomachache and I wanted to wait until it became better, but it didn't and on next day, which it was Monday evening I went Hospital and had emergency check. The checking was really long but then they found out that I had second time an ileus. Ileus is a twisted intestine. Yes, it's second time, that I had an ileus. The first one was when I was 3 or 4 year old, which I don't really remember.
The Operation went good and I was happy, that I had no pain anymore.
Soon after the operation they tried to feed me, but at the end I throwed up everything, coz the intestine was lazy. So I had for 1 week a stomache tube through my nose and it was bit painfull. After 1 week I didn't need the stomache tube anymore and started to eat normal food again. So today I could finally go home. During I had stomache tube I was only eating soup. I also lost 3…