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Simplicity can't get anything. Face the reality.

I hope you guys had good start on new year. I had a good start I guess. thought I didn't celebrate it at all. |D

I have no inted to write a belated resume of 2011, coz I'm lazy. If you want some the click on my blog archive... you may find something interesting.

I have to point that I want write today.
First is that I still get back up information from my mother about Japan and Fukushima, since she is watching constandly internet tv and internet radio.
first of all japanese gouverment newspaper and tv gave no information how bad the situation is in Fukushima. insted of that they say it's everything fine and safe.
Of course people who live in Fukushima don't really believe and people, who collecting information from internet via private internet radio and tv programm. When people uploaded on Youtube a video of Fukushima or any kind of relate with radiation it got deleted. Because the japanese gouverment want it hide.
A person, who live in Fukushima was writing a…