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his voice is so erotic~ <3

GACKT Concert Yellow fried Chickenz 2011

how have you been? I'm fine and was busy from 5th August until 10th August. I had do some arragment in Leipzig (Germany). But now is everthing finished and beside it's not the main point, that I want write.

During staying in Leipzig I also went to "GACKT Concert Yellow fried chickenz". At the beginn, when I heard that GACKT is coming to Europe Tour again. I was unsure if I should go or not. The one side is I wanted see him live on stage. The other side is that I dislike to crowed and loud places. But my dear friend Tee conviced me to go. (^_^)
So asked my mother first if I can go and my mother said at the beginn "No". The reason was depens when I have to search work, but at the end she changed her mind and told me to ask my father. So I asked my father and he said "Okay".

So on 7th august I went on GACKT concert. While I was waiting to get enter to the concert, a girl offered me her selfmade cookies and it tasted really good. I also made fri…