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24h-Comic Event experience

I was 24th / 25th October on the 24h-Comic event...

The Event was a exciting and stressfull, coz I had to draw 24 pages within 24h...
but I only could draw 11 pages, coz I worked really in detail not like those comic, which show up in the newspaper ect.
Anyway, I'm not only one, who couldn't finish...
My story is finish, coz I noticed while drawing, that I don't get 24 pages and I'm saticfided with my story.

by the way... I got from a person a offer to draw a comic for his sport event and I agreed it.
I will get some information in this week =)

R.I.P Jasmine You from Versailles Q___Q

When I heard / read that Jasmine You from Versailles died on 9th August suddenly and I was really shock, thought that I listen to the Versailles Song start mid September.
It's really sad and I can only wish "rest in peace, Jasmine You!"