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Another present

I got today another B-Day present from my friend/Co-worker Anika :3 Thank you for the cute keychain <3

this photo was made from Anika (which means it's not mine)
The cute keychain is on my carkey with other keychain <3

Oneside love

sometimes you give impression, that you know me, but reality you don't know anything about me really. If you knew me really, then you wouldn't anger me for a stupid reason. I may show only my kindness side and patience. But I can also show the 180° side of my charakter, my anger side. I also can't garantie, that you will get safe away from me, when I snap. Because when I snap, I lose my control of my mind and body. If you have luck, I will only shout at you and at the sametime I'm crying. Bad luck is that I get violent.
If you are serious with me, then don't write to me a half hearted mails. Otherwhise it will give all wrong impression. I'm sensitiv about feeling and I can if I want catch easly peoples feeling if it's half hearted or serious. Half hearted love hurts same as oneside love.

When I resived you message, that you have problem to grew your love toward to me, then you should tell me that at beginn our relationship and not when we are allready 3 yea…

B-Day gift

This plant nest with chick is my B-Day gift from my Bosses at agency. Thank you very much for the wonderfull gift.

My B-Day cupcake :D

I backed today cupcake since tomorrow is my birthday (19th april). :D
I'm normaly not a person, who like to backe or cook, but in our angecy, who has birth bring cake or something like that. So I also as politness.
The cupcake should taste like chololate and orange. I failed to make the cream on the cupcake, since I didn't had electrition whisk...only a standart arm feel numb D:

Anyway here is foto of my cupcake:

coming up B-Day

In three days I have my B-Day and a year older again~... don't really want getting old, but that natural of human beeing. xD Whatever~ Since my B-Day come soon, I went to day in Saturn (german electronic shop) and bought two Nintendo DS game software. The one is "Pokemon black edition" and the other one is "Final Fantasy-The 4 Heros of light". I will play this two game, when I'm back in Switzerland, since my DS is there.
I also bought a new sunglasses, since my old one is on the holder out of the shape.

two games~ <3

Pokemon black edition

Final Fantasy-The 4 heros of light

Me with new sunglass~ <3

breath taker

I'm recently listen song from the Singer Gackt. He is such awesome Singer <3  I also watched last weekend one of his live concert on youtube. The Concert "Requiem et Reminiscence II" is so great, that you allmost lose your breath *___* The stange and his performance is really special.  I post few vid from the concert. <3


I went yesterday to Berlin to view the city. The city to visit the attraction is great, but I could never live in this city, coz I don't feel comfortable like in Leipzig or country side in Switzerland. What irrtated me in Berlin was, that a woman asked me, if I can speak english. I anwser yes, coz I thought, she wanted ask me something. She begged me for money with small written card, since I fell in the trap, I gave bit money. After that she went away. There was also many costume animal attraction who ask for tacking photo, but you have to pay them a chip, too. Third person tried to ask me and I walked away, coz I don't really like to much attention under crowed places. I wonder why they all aproche to me insted ask other tourist. So I walked other places around to find the intresst attraction ect. Around past lunch time walked back to Train station again, coz befor I get lost in the city I wanted go back near area of Train station. When I arrived at the train station, one gi…