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few information

Last Wednesday my Notebook completly brocken, which is not possible to fix, coz of the cost. So I had to buy new one. The stupid thing is that I didn't back up on extern Harddisc for 50 days, so I lost few Artwork and one artwork was on prozess. Orz
Shit happends. I also have to wait few days until I resive from my parents Adobe programm to install on my new Notebook, so that I can draw art again. :>
I can't wait to draw digital again~

Other thing is that I sketched a comic for coming up Contest "Manga Magie X" in Germany. I only hope that I don't change my mind and cancel the send my work like last time. >_>
I was that time not satisfite with my work at all 2 year ago and last year I didn't attend at all |D
I wonder why I like to draw mostly textless and sick comic >___> <___< (sick, that I mean like near horror and yet it's not. A part is surreal).

testing with bandeged breast

I was testing how much I need bandages to bind my breast for cosplay as boy Charakter and it will looks with on tight shirt. :,D
I needed 4 roll bandages for bind my breast, coz they are all so short...Orz
Seriously, I look so tomboy and yet I like it ~(°w°)~~(°w°)~

so photogenic~ /(°A°)/ (my friends always say I'm photogen xD)

was to lazy to chop it xD

boy?...nah~ more a tomboy xD

Sorry for the crappy Photos, coz I have only cheap tourist type digital camera. Dx