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Kuroshitsuji Musical

Yesterday I saw on the Youtube "Kuroshitsuji Musical" and it was really awesome....
I really liked the show, story and those actors...
Also when they sang was really nice xD
I would never mindt to watch hundret times, haha

Bevor and Now

Storyboard part I

I'm planning to draw a Manga...and the genre is maybe Shounen-Ai with thriller... but I don't now, if it would be  a Shounen-Ai....
those picture are a Storyboard at the beginn of the story and the titel is "Black Blood"
I will upload more Storyboard, when I draw it  =)

See ya~!

drawing with mouse/pad of notebook on photoshop xD

I draw a picture only with mouse/pad of notebook on the photoshop and you will see the moreless how I worked only with mouse/pad of notebook...

the first is the sketch, how the pic should look about...

The skin coloration I already worked in the detail and the rest I gave a one color...

here you see, that I worked on the detail of the shirt...

The End products xD

I'm with the hair not really saticfide, coz it was the difficultest part to work in detail...
next time... I will take more time... ( I worked only a day)xD

My Car Fiat 500 :D

Today I finally could pic up my car
aaaand it's Fiat 500 in pink! =)

I was soo happy, that I can allmost die of Happyness xD
Anyway, I like to drive with new and the first car x3
I will maybe take some day a Foto of my car, then I will upload it :D

24h-Comic Event experience

I was 24th / 25th October on the 24h-Comic event...

The Event was a exciting and stressfull, coz I had to draw 24 pages within 24h...
but I only could draw 11 pages, coz I worked really in detail not like those comic, which show up in the newspaper ect.
Anyway, I'm not only one, who couldn't finish...
My story is finish, coz I noticed while drawing, that I don't get 24 pages and I'm saticfided with my story.

by the way... I got from a person a offer to draw a comic for his sport event and I agreed it.
I will get some information in this week =)

R.I.P Jasmine You from Versailles Q___Q

When I heard / read that Jasmine You from Versailles died on 9th August suddenly and I was really shock, thought that I listen to the Versailles Song start mid September.
It's really sad and I can only wish "rest in peace, Jasmine You!"


Yesterday, when I was wating for the expert for driving test.. Finally the experter came and called my name, but he said "Mr." insted "Miss", because my first name to read in german a boys name. But my name is english name.
I was also not really suprised, that he called me with "Mr.", beacuse he was not the first, that made a mistake. But I really hate my first name. Orz~


I draw this two sketch wihle I was think about how should look the cover for my comic and I still don't have a Idea... orz~
the first sketch is a impluse wihle I was laying on my bed
and the second sketch is a gothic lolita doll.
I will put this in DA, when I finished with my comic...

Freunde???/Friends??? (Gedicht/Poem)


Was ist dann, wenn man das Wort "Freunde" sieht und einem übel wird?

"Freunde", was ist das eigentlich?
Ich kann mit diesem Wort nicht anfangen, denn es verwirrt mich nur...
Ausserdem wird es mir immer übel, wenn ich nur daran denke...
Bin ich den so sehr gesunken, dass ich nur wegen der einzige Wort davon flüchte oder bilde ich mir das nur alles ein?
Ich fühle nur leere, wenn ich das Wort "Freunde" sehe.
Ich irre mich wie in eine dunkle Labyrinth und könnte mich für mein Rest Lebens herum irren.
Für immer in einer Teufelskreis gefangen bleiben....


What is, if you see the word "Friends" and you feel sick?

"Friends", what is it actually?
I can't do anything with that "word", because it's confus me...
By the way I feel always sick, when I think about it...
Did I fall so low, that I run away from a one word or am I wrong?
I feel only empty, if I see the word "Friends".
I stray like in a dark labyrinth an…

Poem II

I wrote this Poem for about 3 month ago...

What do you know about me?!
What do you know about my feeling?!
You don't know about me and my feelings, so keep out of it!
Some feelings, that I can't handel it and I don't even tell, witch feeling it is.
Then you can't solve my problems.
Do you have pity with me, that I'm withdrawn?!
I don't need your pity to me, then that irritate me.
You don't need to know, what I thinking, because it's my brain and keep out of it!!
I'm like I'm and I will not alout from nobody to change me.
If you swear or snap at me, so I will ignor you.
Don't compare me with other person, that I will realy hate!!

So leave me alone in this small world with that person, that I love from howl my heart!!!

Was wisst ihr schon über mich?!
Was wisst ihr über meine Gefühle?!
Ihr kenn mich und meine Gefühle nicht, also haltet ihr euch am besten daraus!
Es gibt Gefühle, die ich nicht umgehen kann und ich werde auch nicht verraten welches

Holidaaaaaay! :D

I have from today school holiday for two month, yeah! :DD

I do in the holiday car driving licence test,
drawing Manga for contest,
drawing for friends and meet friend ect.

Visual Kei style... *w*

I love it!!!

Trying another hair style xD

I tryed another hairstyle with gel :D
the normal hairstyle is here, that I have always xD :

I like more my normal hairstyle... :)

New Live-style!

From Today I have a new live-style... coz I give up my Pony and my mother taking care of him and I live now in normal like other person...
So I have also now more freedom to do, what I want do without always to take care of my Pony. I'm so happy *w*

Gazette :D

First time in my life I heard Gazette song with Video and this song is Filth in the beauty...
aaaand I LOVE IT!!!!! The Video is the hardcore and cool!! :D
The Band member is also awesome, especialy Reita and Uruha is awesome and kakkoi! x3

Who am I ?! Wer bin ich ?! (Poem/Gedicht)

Who am I really?
Why do I always stand front of two different route and have to decide?
It's always difficult to take the right route without to lose the route.
Is my attitude only simulated or real?
Do I ware a mask, that I can't take anymore off?
I don't know, who I am... but I want know more about me....
however I don't find the key to open the door.
I see my reflection and ask my self, if that am I...
I want open me and go own route, but I'm afraid, that don't see me like I know me now...
I don't know anymore what I should do...
I don't know...!

Wer bin ich eigentlich?
Warum steh ich immer vor zwei verschiedene Wege und muss entscheiden?
Es ist immer so schwierig den richtigen Weg zu wählen. Ohne das man von der Weg abkommt.
Ist mein verhalten nur vorgetäuscht oder echt?
Trage ich eine Maske, die ich nicht mehr abnehmen kann?
Ich weiss nicht, wer ich bin... aber ich möchte mich selbst kennenlernen...
Dennoch finde ich den Schlüssel um den Tor zu öffnen nicht.

Randomnes... or have you a better titel?!

At the first, the draw is my random sketch while I draw in the school :D <--- was bored to listen to teachter xD No, the true is, when I have to listen howl day, what teacher talking, I go to asleep so I have to draw or do somthing... So the top Charakter is Kanda Yu and Allen Walker from DGM. :3 As you see, has the awsome Yu-Pon a massive nosebleed, coze Allen looks girlish and really cute xD The rest of the Charakter are creat from me :D and I try to draw a mini one shout page Manga xD By the way, my friend said, that I can draw better if the Charakter are small... I think so, if they small, I can draw better then, when they are big.... Orz~ -__-'' have to practice more.... I will submit this sketch later in DA in Scrab with color. :D

I'm lazy to work for my schoolwork, but I have to finish today anyway, coz I have tomorrow (wednesday) a presetation about Haiku. Damn, Kulturseminar >___> (don't ask what is it, coz it's difficult to explain)
As you noticed,…

I enter a Manga-ka of MangaMagie Contest in German!

As the titel says, I will enter a Manga-Ka contest of MangaMagie in German. So thats mean, that I don't submit Draw in DA, coz I have to plan everthing ect. and I have also Art/Grapic Design School. But I the last draw I will submit is Kanda Yu's B-Day. All other thing will submit after I finish the Manga and send to german.

So wish me luck! >O<

School project Video: Tengoku to Jigoku

A one person wake up, who lives in different world of her mind, at the constrution. Then she went to a abdoned place and walked around antil she arrived at one place.

It was a school project
Script: Me
Actress: Me
Kamera: classmate/friend
cut: Me
song: Saku from Dir en Grey
gerne: Music video (somehow xD)

video on youtube: [link]

I made this video for school project and somehow I can't submit on DA so put in youtube. If you are intresst, please look it in

Orz~ I can't sleep -___-''

Allen: Mou~ Yu-Anata, you shouldn't drink alcohol. It's unhealthy!
Kanda: Cute ❤
Allen: Good, that he fell a sleep... I don't want have **** with him, when he had alcohol...
Danm, always when I had a shower, I can't sleep any more because I'm full awake again -__-''
So draw this pic, so would be sleepe again... and it worked...
Uhm... sorry for this crapiness and bad qualitait... nah~ I will later that pic bit prozess with photoshop and submit in DA.
Now I should realy go to sleep. It's now 1:08 in the morning and I have to make up on 6:00...
See ya!

Little Project of subject Video

This sketch is a Character Design for my Video-Project from my Art/ Graphic Design School.
I have to make a 3 min. Video, but damn lot a work. At the first is brainstorming, then have to make a skrip in detail and also Storyboard in detail. After that have to film it and cute the film ect.

Orz, I have now the Skrip in detail finish and tomorrow I have to draw a Storyboard in 1 Day. -__-''
By the way, I make a Music Video...
I'm tired from the lot of work an thinking of the skript and searching a music to fit to my image.

Nah~ I will go soon sleeping. See ya!

Edit on 1.5.2009

Uhm... that person, who's acting that chara is me... The Video submit maybe in DA.

Drawing wihle school xD

Nyuu~ I draw this wihle Video-subject. By the way this is mirror inverterd, Orz -__-'' Damn, Webcam!><
I will at the home this draw coloraiting and submit in DA and also in Blog-Titel Pic :3
It was really embrassmend, because normaly I draw somthing like that, privatly.>///< But the Theorie of the subject was boring.
In the future I will draw more like that. Nyufufufu~ <3
*go back to lesson* >_>

Yullen: Love Struggle

Now Submit some pages of the newest Doujin Love struggle. But the doujin is still uncompleted.
Nah, enjoy to read, if the pages are crapy xD

The Link my Gallry is:

Ps.: DGM take a brake again. *sob* Q__Q I wanna read a new capter. now is so intressting...


Gah...! I can't draw with a pen anymore!! It come always so silly. TT
That's mean, that I will draw things howl with the pencil. If I draw with the pencil, looks allways so good, but when do after sketch and do with a pen the outline, it will allways become ugly! >< uh...

For my Desktop Yullen + Yullen Doujin "love struggle" in Prozess

I'm now working on my Desktop draw for me and It will be privatly. That mean, that I don't submit on DA. My draw looks so crapy. Urgh! By the way I'm also drawing on my fourth Doujin, but I'm not really motivate and I'm lazy person -__-'' Orz, I have so many thing, that I have to do.

Yullen Shouta Doujinshi plan

I tried to draw a Yullen Shouta, but... nah... It looks like not a Shouta xD
Yeah, you see Rabi in shock, because his dear bestfriend Kanda fell in love in a kid names Allen xDD

By the way, I have a plan to draw Doujin of Yullen Shouta. But first I have to finish my other Yullen Doujinshi "Love Struggle" and the Doujinshi will be in the DA.

Hello <3 & Info

I'm new here and I made this Blog for my lovely Art / Manga-Style Information xD
I will write here in Blog, what kind of draw is in prozess I'm on...
By the way, I'm a lazy Person and I'm in an Art / Graphic Design School. That mean, I will need time to submit drawings in Deviantart.