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Hospital again

Around 5 weeks ago I had awefull stomage ache and went for checking at Hospital. The checking anwser was that I had an Ilius (read on wikipedia if you don't know what an Ilius are), which needed emercy oparetion. The operation went fine. I had more problem with start eating again, coz my intestine was completly sleeping. I had 1 week stomage tube for empting my stomage insted of throwing up. For the all prozess I stayed 2 1/2 week at Hospital. After I was realesed from Hospital, soon I felt ill again. The more I ate and drank, the more I felt ill. When I throwed up I felt after that better. I stayed 3 days at home, before I went emercy to Hospital again. I had really low water in my body and at hospital they filled with IV water in my body. They tried to feeding prozess again, but I felt soon sick again. Some day the doctor checked my stomage again and one point I had bit pain. So I went checking again and found out that I had one part of my intestine passage is narrow. So I tranf…