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Today I read a free newspaper and there were an article, about that advertising industry told to a model, thats she is to fat, thought she has a good body proportion. I somethimes wonder why they want have model who is so skinny almost only bone and no meat in body. If peole looks so skinny like fashion models, then it's not pretty for me anymore.
If people has sickness and became really skinny, then I pity them. But when someone get forced to lose more weight than it's necessery, then I'm really against. Seriously it's not natural anymore and on photo wont look beautifull, because a Photo can say 1000 words or more.

Strict Artist

Somethimes when I want compliment someone, often happend that been a rude comment for view of other person.

Once my friend asked me about what I think about her art (she was also same artschool with me). I told her directly and thruh comment/critic. I dunno really anymore, what I told her. But she said after that, I will be someday beaten up, if I countenui to tell to direct to someone. I only anwser: "Oh, is that so?".

Whenever I think about it now, my friend is to naiv. If she dislike my harsh critic or comment, then she has to improve in her art and impress me that much, that I can't discrib it in words anymore. I know it's sound that she's not good in art. but unfornetly it's true from my view.

If people ask me, how and why I can draw that good. Then I anwser: "Selfstudie, practicing, drawing as much as possible and you have to have also talent".  Few people says too, that "it makes me depress when I see you draw." I never comment abou…

Art and Fangirling

Two sketchbook -top is diplom sketchbook and bottom is privat sketchbook

death series artwork

I went on Saturday with Tee to Bösner (it's a big art shop). I bought two sketchbook, a small notebook, a map and two brush pen. One sketchbook is for diplom work at school and the other one is for my privat artwork, mostly I will fill with death series. The Diplom work theme is "Vessel" and the theme is really open. :D
The other thing I wanted write is, that currently addict to listen to songs from Gackt. Ah~... somehow I don't have really intrest to listen to other songs from other singer xD: Mostly I liste to a song, who has good voice and good lyric~ <3 That why it's hard to find nowdays a really good song and singer with nice voice. (recently big Gackt-Fan x3)
That all what I wanted write :,D  See ya next time~ <3

Human body is only a shell for souls

Say did you ever thought for what human body is? Did you ever thought our body is only a vessel or a shell for the souls? I do. Otherwise I wont write it.
I think you wonder, why I think about such things. The one reason is that my school diplom theme is "vessel or shell", whenever you say it. The other thing is that my own privat Illustration Project is "Death Series".
I go now to the main theme. For me is the body only a vessel for the souls. Because when we die, is only the body which wont work anymore, but the soul will exist forever. The soul can wander around without body, but it can't touch things like human body can. Beside Souls can always get a new vessel, like born in animal or rebirth in human again. None vessel or shell can live long and is easly to break. Human body can also break in many way. Since Human body is only a vessel for soul and yet you can feel, see and hear your existen. But that only for human lifespann. If you ever rebirth, then yo…

Shopping with my friend

Today I went with my friend Anika shopping. She wante buy a jacke during spring, but she didn't find a jacked that she like, so she only bought socks for her boyfriend. But we had still fun~ <3
I bought few stuff... present for mom, a present for my friend Tee's B-Day, a trouser, a ring, a neckless, a hat, a wristband, few files. I didn't take any photo of Tee's B-Day present, since she also read my blog and I want suprise her with that gift. :D
I and Anika went also in gothic shops to look bit around. We ate icecream and drank a frabuchino (?) in Starbucks. After three o'clock she went home and I also walked home. It was fun day.

first trourser in my life that fit in my size :D

the ziper ring is new, the other one I had allmost 1 year.

wristband <3

wristband from otherside view

Mama's present :D

neckless~ <3

closeup part 1

closeup part 2

big filler file for bunch paper to bring back home :,D

left is file for intership dokumentry and rights is file for my death …