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I got this game yesterday for my B-Day present from my parents. The game is so fun and awesome. I really like the game and could play all day~! :D The main Charakter is so cute~ <3 Kyaaaaa!
btw Tomorrow is exciting day, coz I have to talk the higher ups about internship. While I wait for the phone I gonna finish my school painting of shoes xD Wish me luck~<3

typical guys (?)

Somethimes I wonder, what my father thinks... |D Because today my mother asked me while shopping, what I want get for my B-Day present. Since I will have in 2 days my B-Days and I told my mother, that I a game for my Nindendo DS. My mother said only okay. After that while I was in my appertment, my mother told my father what I want kind of present and my father comment it, why I still want for a B-Day a video game in age about 20. When I came down, from my mother request, because she wanted show me something on youtube. After that she told me the story about my B-Day present and I said immediately..."why does he mumble about it! He also plays game in his age!" My mother only grinned about my comment. After that she said... "good, good, that she starten to hit back a comment like that" to my father. My father said nothing about it. xD When I was child and my father said a comment like that... I only start pound and said nothing anymore. But now somehow I startet fight back... …

Bern (Switzerland), School exibiton~

Nice clock... but it's sad, that the tram line is in way ;A;

Opera house
Swiss mister's working and meeting place~ :D
Me and my Friend~ (left my friend and right is me)
I was yesterday with school in Bern for see the Art of Paul Klee Museum... while we walked (!) to the muesum, we also did a little exibition of City Bern, the main City of Switzerland. I really like the City... it nicer here, that were I go to school xD And we saw also there where bear live, but they weren't outside on sunny day *sob* I really wanted see them~ D: At Afternoon we arrived a the muesum of Paul Klee... and we had a little workshop ofcourse the workshop is Art :P  The workshop was really fun~ <3
My crapy Art xD

stuff that I want collect~

I love this strawberry chocolate ❤... I miss them ;A;
Aww~ that Kitty is cute and looks so shy~❤
Those little stuff is really cute and colorfull~*____*
lovely color~❤
That pic remind me and facebook friends/siblings :D
Oooooh~ a pink car and looks cuter that mine xD I want that car~!
beatiful isn't it? :D
where does sell the pink heart card? °A°
I love this flower... it's so beautifull~ *____*
it's ästetic~!! >O<
good to know how to make a heart with that, but first I need a pink one :D
Those picture I took from That also means, that those picture don't belong to me ;)

Cat, Dog and Rabbit

Those Picture I got on the easter from my mother friend. My mother send me those photo, coz she know, that I like cute Animals :D

No light and electric?

Argh! >∆< The constration worker messed up again~! Last night I didn't have electric in my bed room, office room and bathroom any. Orz In other room I had light and electric. But lucky that electrtian has his office in our village, so I could inform them to fix it up~ :D I hope, this evening is everything well.

My Car Fiat 500 Pink with photo~

Finally I take a photo of my Pink Car! :D Yes, you heard/read right!  My Car is Pink~! <3 Th full view car I photographed and other 3 photo did my friend,  while we traveld to a friend dinner party~ :D I'm driving on the highway during stormrain~ D: I couldn't allmost nothing see, coz of heave rain, agh! Dx btw that was on February. Any way have fun to view those photos,  though it only 4 photos xD

My Pink Car~ <3 in Train Station Garange,  where I always park, when I go to school :D

LoL, my friend photographed the sidemirror :D But I like the raindrops.

Close ups of the sidmirror, yay! It looks so awesome~! *___*

view of front looking~ and it's on Highway :D
While traveling on highway I hardly talk,  coz I'm not used to drive on the highway and I was really concentrait... But I really love my Car~<3 and Thanks to Tee for photograph those lovely picture *____*

new Hobby xD

I found a new hobby lol writing question and anwser question on It really fun~<3 I also got allready a embressing question lol and  I anwser it honestly~ :D If you have a question you can ask me... on the sidebar (?) I put the widgets xD I will also anwser it. :)
btw my facebooks sibling starting grow and grow lol that it what I wanted say~<3

depression weekend D:

Ewww, my weekend was so depression D: because of public holiday, thoud I don't get really involed  exept that some people wished me "Happy Easter". -___-; and the other thing was my personality stuff. Mostly I looked my self in my appartment and I never went outside. Only when my mother called to give me easter chocolate and a japanese sweet stuff, that my father didn't want eat. I also cried one time, because I was scared,  when I remeber the vision/dream that I had on friday. That happend when I was thinking about something and  for few second a picture flashed front of my eyes,  how I was grabing a friends head and smashed her on the wall. Most scary is that the place was at my school. *shiver* That thing isn't first time happend... few years ago I had same way a vision, only it was a part of my past memory. That's why I didn't really care that time. But now I'm really scared... and I also don't know what to do. Dx  I know I'm really scary cat, but I'm a…

soul ache

I feel sick again... not physical, it's more the soul side -___-;; lately I have this feeling of pain of my soul often... and I don't know from what and that's irritate me more! But I can't/shouldn't break down now, coz I have many thing to do now...
searching internship for summer to mai 2011,
drawing comic for Sport Organation Wizards monthly,
Schoolproject Illustration
finish painting from school subject -___-;;;

I have to stand own my feed and carring around the paines with me.
I hope, I will recover soon °___°;;

btw I don't need your pityness... I only wrote this, because I wanted
I also don't want get treat as "special person".... it's make me always sick, too.
No need worry about me....
My will is strong enough to survive and recover.

only one thing I never recoverd from my broken soul...
and it will never heal, because it's long time ago
left in the past.