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Visual Kei style... *w*

I love it!!!

Trying another hair style xD

I tryed another hairstyle with gel :D
the normal hairstyle is here, that I have always xD :

I like more my normal hairstyle... :)

New Live-style!

From Today I have a new live-style... coz I give up my Pony and my mother taking care of him and I live now in normal like other person...
So I have also now more freedom to do, what I want do without always to take care of my Pony. I'm so happy *w*

Gazette :D

First time in my life I heard Gazette song with Video and this song is Filth in the beauty...
aaaand I LOVE IT!!!!! The Video is the hardcore and cool!! :D
The Band member is also awesome, especialy Reita and Uruha is awesome and kakkoi! x3

Who am I ?! Wer bin ich ?! (Poem/Gedicht)

Who am I really?
Why do I always stand front of two different route and have to decide?
It's always difficult to take the right route without to lose the route.
Is my attitude only simulated or real?
Do I ware a mask, that I can't take anymore off?
I don't know, who I am... but I want know more about me....
however I don't find the key to open the door.
I see my reflection and ask my self, if that am I...
I want open me and go own route, but I'm afraid, that don't see me like I know me now...
I don't know anymore what I should do...
I don't know...!

Wer bin ich eigentlich?
Warum steh ich immer vor zwei verschiedene Wege und muss entscheiden?
Es ist immer so schwierig den richtigen Weg zu wählen. Ohne das man von der Weg abkommt.
Ist mein verhalten nur vorgetäuscht oder echt?
Trage ich eine Maske, die ich nicht mehr abnehmen kann?
Ich weiss nicht, wer ich bin... aber ich möchte mich selbst kennenlernen...
Dennoch finde ich den Schlüssel um den Tor zu öffnen nicht.

Randomnes... or have you a better titel?!

At the first, the draw is my random sketch while I draw in the school :D <--- was bored to listen to teachter xD No, the true is, when I have to listen howl day, what teacher talking, I go to asleep so I have to draw or do somthing... So the top Charakter is Kanda Yu and Allen Walker from DGM. :3 As you see, has the awsome Yu-Pon a massive nosebleed, coze Allen looks girlish and really cute xD The rest of the Charakter are creat from me :D and I try to draw a mini one shout page Manga xD By the way, my friend said, that I can draw better if the Charakter are small... I think so, if they small, I can draw better then, when they are big.... Orz~ -__-'' have to practice more.... I will submit this sketch later in DA in Scrab with color. :D

I'm lazy to work for my schoolwork, but I have to finish today anyway, coz I have tomorrow (wednesday) a presetation about Haiku. Damn, Kulturseminar >___> (don't ask what is it, coz it's difficult to explain)
As you noticed,…