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pessimist artist

Hello dear readers, if someone even read my blog lol 8D

I bought today canvas 40x50 cm big and few acryl color. I also started paint on it :DD It's really been a while, that I draw something traditonal arts exept pencil sketches. xD I will post it when I finish it with the art prozess :)

As you read my titel, I'm a pessimist artist. You ask why? Coz I'm. xD No the reason is, that I'm never saticfite with my own art and if I'm, then it's only for few moment. After that I start frown at my art again. Beside my arts has connection with death. The charakter that I draw looks mostly really broken and dead yet alive. A friend of mine asked me, if there a reason behind, why I draw such kind of arts. That time I couldn't anwser and still now not really. Maybe it faszinate me the death, thought many  people are afraid of death. For me is death mystery. Coz you never know when you really die and there is many way to die. From accident, natural death, killed ect. Some…

Cosplay planning for LBM

first is the front side and the second one is backside... gosh it looks like it got in bloodly fight with heavy injure. Orz
Poor Yamamoto, which I gonna cosplay with that bloodly shirt. |D
I bet, if I wear that in my normal life... people think I'm bad injured or murded someone Orz/xD

I gonna cosplay on 19th and 20th march at Leipziger Buchmesse (bookevent) in Germany.  I gonna cos as Yamamoto from KHR in streetstyle. My Girlfriend is gonna cosplay Miura Haru from KHR and her sister as Hibari Kyouya. :D Btw it's my first time cosplay *__* I only hope, I manage to make my chest bit flatter >3> ....and don't fail cut my hair short... (don't go to hairdresser, because they fail cut my hair that I want or they trying to refuse to cut my hair. WTF?! D:)

But I'm excited to cosplay on that day and also meet my girlfriend and friends after allmost a year that we didn't see each other.

awesome and cool band

few day ago some one posted on group Jrock ect on facebook the band Gevils vid clip... I tried to listen and I like the band and their song <3  *__*

Beside the leader / Vocal plays als Taiko (japanese drummer).

Art deverlopment in a year!

Hello there~ :D
Do you remember how my Art or yours (if you also draw) looked a  year ago? Yes? No?
Haha...I hardly remember xD.
Gosh it changed so much with in a year about my color style and also drawing style :)
*is happy happy~ <3*
Is also happy for found my own style, which I also like to work with it. My Art became now more realistic and yet surrealistic *yay* also a bit of Manga style mix it.

I wonder how it will look my Art again end of this year 2011... :)

Art Prozess and obsession

Since somehow I can't upload photo on livejournal I gonna post this time here the art prozess.

First I did a rough sketch with pencil and scanned. After that I mad clean outline, because scan is hard see for me where I have to color ect. At the end I color it.  I also made a speed art video how I color it.

I made 4 Bookmarks and it's not for Sale! I only did for fun :P

 Last thing that I want post is... I'm idiotly obsessed with Hibari Kyouya from KHR~ 8D He completly stole my heart~ xD