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wasting my time?

It's been a while, that I blogged something about my lifetime 8D
I was and is still busy... |||Orz

Last week I was running around like idiot after work to go to Car garage, because I had still my summer tire on it and my winter tire is in switzerland. Beside I didn't know, that my parents pay for me the winter tire I changed really late, coz last week started to snow D: Once when I wanted drive to garage I got lost, so I tried next day and I found it. xD last thursday evening I could finally change the tire, yay :D... but I on friday I had to go there again, coz I forgot my carlicence at garage Orz. Seriously I wasted my gas for my stupidness D:

Lately I think, I'm wasting my time more at work than home D:... I dunno really why, but I'm more desperated to work on my own arts than working at work.
Somehow I endet up work more on graphic side than illustration at work. I'm may color at work somethimes, when the outline is done from Illustraition boss or f…

Versailles - Destiny -the lovers- FULL PV

2NE1 - Don't Stop The Music (Yamaha 'Fiore' CF Theme Song)

2NE1 awesome video clips

It's been a while that I blogged something here... Recently I'm listen to 2NE1. I hardly listen to Kpop, but they are to awesome girl group. I also like their performance style in ther video clip <3
I'm gonna now post 4 my fav video clip... Have fun to listen :3

Art Complex crisis...

I'm completly down, because of my Art complex crisis... That's mean, that I don't like my style ect. and I want throw all my arts. (but I wont). I thought I found finaly my own style, that I liked but it took only for 2 to 3 month befor the complex come back. D: Yes, it's not the first time... Orz I also completly stuck at the same point at my art and it's frustrating me. >A< Few of my art you can see bit of not satisfited art and lack of motivation. D: I feel somethimes no good at anything qAq

Don't worry, I will contenui practicing in art and become better...

Sorry for my selfish complaining...had to let my frustration D:

visit from Grandparents and Dresden

Last week my Grandparent from Japan came first to switzerland to visit my parents and visit me in Leipzig (Germany). My Grandparents stayed allmost a week in Leipzig in a hotel and durig the week I meet them after work  and eat dinner with them. It was long time, that I eat so much food... I felt always so full after eating dinner. xD

Byside first thing what my Grandmother complained to me, when we meet was, "Can't you wear more girlyer? You look allmost like a boy!" LoL, duh... I have my reason and also didn't tell the real reason. Because I promised with my mother, that I don't tell them, that I'm lesbian.
I asked about how doing my cousins in Japan. my 17 years old cousin will gratulate his high school next year in spring and his younger sister, who is about 15 will also gratulate her junior high, but don't attend high school. Because she skipped allmost all junior high school year and never learned basic school teaching. The reason of skipping is she&…

Hibari Cellphone strab

I bought this today in a shop, but forgot the name of the shop |D
beside the shop is at the corner of my apartment LoL  Aww~ Hibari-Chan looks so cute~ <3 When I buy next Cellphone strab.. then I gonna buy Tsuna and but them together xD 1827 <3 It costed only 4.50€... ;A; cheaper than when you want buy in switzerland |D

That all! |D
PS: sorry for the low coullity of the photo... Phone photographie

Leipziger Kino-Treff: Summer Wars (Anime)

Today evening I went with my two friends Kanrei and Peti_t_angle to the cinema as Animexx-meeting. Official it should be 5 people ink. me, but somehow two didn't come. Be side I watched the Summer Wars allreday on Youtube, coz my friend from Malaysia suggested it. But watching with friends it bit diffrent again. :)

The movie was in japanese dub with german sub. The Cinema is really small and not many people where there. Few Japanese people and use where there. :P

Know about the movie:

I like the movie, the charakters and the network world OZ. OZ wolrd is sooo colorfull and I like colorfull stuff depens on my mood.
It fascinated me, when the big Familiy of the highschool girl tryed to fight against the monster from OZ Wolrd, who messed up worldwide and also supported the boy, who solved the math-genie hacking code.
I was also touched, when the worldwide poeple supported the avatar girl to defet the monster. At the end the could safe the world really tight. :)

Photo of Leipzig

Yesterday I went finally taking photo from the city Leipzig.

Front of Opera is always something event up.

MDR Radio and TV station I guess of Sachsen/Leipzig

Church St.Nikolas

Leipzig Main Train Station

St. Thomas church