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Mix from frieday, today and some random information LoL

I wanted write/tell that now official, that I got 9 month at Leipzig (germany). I already knew that I got my internship as illustraiter on the middle of april. Befor that I was still unsure, if I can work there for 9 month until I got my workcontract. Because I missunderstand, that the company wrote about internship on the homepage. More embressing things is my mother understand better german than me. Orz
Even I speak/read/write german since I was child and yet still bad about grammatik and understunding. Anyway let beside that thing.

On Frieday I showed my sketch of my doujinshi Gio x Tsuna to a schoolfriend. He's always funny and even if my doujinshi is shounen-ai, he always watch my art. I guess, he really like my art and he also don't really mind to read my shounen-ai doujinshi (?) LoL

Today was all day culturseminar and tomorrow is again. Orz
I will allmost fall a sleep while listen to teachers talking all day. It's really complex to explain, what culturseminar is. Th…


While Art school, durig Kulturliteratur, I wrote while listen to teacher a little list. The list has nothing really to do for school... it's more private stuff. The list I wrote was a stuff, that I'm at moment addicted.

1. KHR KHR is short form from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. This Anime/Manga serie is really intressting to watch/read. I also love the Charakter, which there show up. My no.1 fav Charakter is Hibari Kyouya. The school lover and Discipline Committe President. He also like to beat or more bite to death people~.
His catch-frase is also "I will bite you to death" and I also love the catch-frase, even it sound scary~ <3
I also love Vongola Primo Giotto. He is so cool~ *O* Even he looks like Tsuna only in blond and his voice is sooo awesome~ <3

2. 1827 - Hibari x Tsuna Hibari x Tsuna is  my no.1 favorite Paaring from KHR. This two can be really cute paaring. Thought Hibari is a cold hearted Charakter, but he can be nice, if he want be. It will be looks that to …

Kuroshitsuji season 2 Trailer

This Anime serie should come around June/July *_____*
This is the second season of Kuroshitsuji, but it's different, that the first season...
completly new main Charakter and the old charakter wont appear anymore...*sad* the awesome Butler Sebastian wont come anymore, but the new Butler cloude is also awesome, coz Sakurai-San is the seiyu~ <3
I'm really intresst, how the second season it will be...

btw... I new the coming up this second season allready more than 4 month ago, I think :P


Sorry for my english blog reader, this time post is in german xD Next time Posting it will be in english again :D

Also, ich habe diesen Fragenbogen von Lu-Tan "gestohlen" LoL
Nun zur den Fragen und Anworten :D
Viel Spass beim Lesen, fals jemandem interessiert xD

Wann hast du zuletzt Alkohol konsumiert? Ich glaube das war im März |D
Was hast du heute um 8 in der Früh gemacht?War in der Schule und habe an meiner Illustration gearbeitet <3
Wie denkst du über die Person die dir zuletzt geschrieben hat? Also ich mag sie auf jedemfall, sonst würde ich mit ihr gar nicht schreiben |D
Drei Worte, die beschreiben als du dich zuletzt übergeben hast! Sorry, kann mich nicht mehr daran erinnern. Ich weiss nur, es waren warme Früchten x_____X
Wie geht’s deinem Herzen? Aufgewühlt (?)
Bist du eine eifersüchtige Person? Ja, bin ich....
Hast du dieses Jahr einen guten Geburtstag gehabt? Naja... mehr oder wenig :D
Bist du müde? Ein bisschen.
Was hasst du am meisten? Menschenmassen! *flücht*
Was liebs…

Awesome cosplay

Ah...I found this video yesterday! yay! Cosplay in yaoi version!~ <3 and it's Dino x Hibari~<3<3<3love and some are really awesome cosplayer :D

This is allmost same video like on the top side, but in sweet version~ <3 <3 and also Dino x Hibari :D

Ahhh! I love this cosplayer MIYOC and the group! they are some Awesome!!! <3 But I like her more in Kanda version~ <3<3 MIYOC is cosplaying Hibari Kyouya~ <3<3

The other awesome Hibari Kyouya Cosplayer is Tsumito... when she cosplay... she really looks like Hibari~ <3 I really love her cosplay... please marry me~, Tsumito-San! *got bitten to death* xD

<3 Tsumito as Hibari Kyouya from KHR <3

 I'm none cosplayer....I only like to watch awesome cosplayer! <3 I also got once from a friend I should cosplay as Yamamoto Takeshi from KHR, because I look like him (?) °____° lol + many friend say to me, that I'm Photo-gen, BUT I'm not!!! D<
That's everything about what I wanted post.... S…