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Sushido and Orchid

How are ya? I'm fine as always.

As you noticed that I have a new header. (^_^) I sketched rough first in "Sketchbook Copic Edition" (found in App Store for free xD), fine sketching in "Photoshop CS3" and finalizing in "Illustrator CS3". The Typographie I made also myself. Such kind typographie exist in many type and yet I like to make myself. xD  
I need update my CS version someday. (;_;) coz in CS5 Photoshop you can turn canvas, not like in CS3. Aside CS5 have cool drawing brushes. *sniff* Oh well, I worked once CS1, which I almost go nuts, coz during transformation you couldn't zoom in and out yet.

Anyway today I went with my mother to Zofingen to buy japanese type tea for tomorrow guest, which we needed to go special shop, like pharmacy shop, bio shop or asian shop. We also went to a new sushi shop, we heard from neighbor, that the sushi is good, so we went buy for lunch. The shop name is Sushido. I can say the sushi is really good and I was happy that I could finally eat sashimi Sushi. ♥Love Sashimi♥
After we went buy sushi, we also went to Tee's mother asia shop to buy some food. She gave a flower as gift for "get well soon". Officially she wanted tell Tee that she should bring the flower, while I was in hospital. But the mother forgot to tell her. At least she could give me today, even I was allready released from hospital. The flower is "lila Dendrobium-Orchideen" (it's in german, coz I searched in google xD)


  1. Ahw, bist du endlich ausm KH raus! :)
    Die Orchideen sind wunderschön <3!

    1. jep, bin seit mitte August aus dem Krankenhaus 100% gesund. :3


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